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For over ten years, Nik has worked with hundreds of children and young people in schools and community settings.

vj2 copy 3Following the publication of his first book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? (EPS, 2006), Nik toured the North West extensively, running workshops in schools and libraries. When his adult work took off he continued to work with children, leading workshops, facilitating school groups, giving talks, and running HE48x07libraryopenin copybwcourses in the community. His courses are very popular and, as well as inspiring great ideas and converting them into even better stories, aim to provide something special for participants through the production of their own books and individual publications to take home after the course has finished.

IMG_0419Nik is a key facilitator for Hive South Yorkshire, where he currently runs Sheffield Young Writers.

He is writer in residence at Leeds West Academy, for First Story, and has worked extensively with the Library Service in Sheffield, delivering workshops for primary school aged children all over the Sheffield area, most recently completing a six week programme in Darnall.



‘I’m not really good with finding my words and Nik’s really great at helping me figure out what I’m trying to say, and is always supportive” – Sam, 17.

“Nik is a wonderful, mind opening mentor whose guidance is very interesting, alternative and really gets you thinking and considering routes and concepts you’ve never even thought about before when writing. A very open and friendly figure and a great role model for a young writer.” -Saffron, 16.

“Nik’s guidance and support has really helped with both my writing and my confidence about my work. Since working with him, I’ve gotten out of a lot of bad writing habits and into a lot of good ones.” – Jordan, 17.

Nik’s been a great help within the development of my writing. He’s given me guidance on the different ways of approaching my writing, and built my confidence that’s led me to publish several stories of my own. – Charlie, 17wshop038 copy

Nik’s methods of writing guidance have helped me to become more confident, imaginative and risk taking within my own writing. He has inspired me to finish and edit my poetry and short stories to a standard I am happy enough to send to publishers, which has significantly increased confidence – Sophie, 17

Nik has really helped me hone my writing skills and has made me more confident in my abilities. – Molly, 17.

‘Really enjoyed the course! Made me want to be a writer when I grow up.’ – Aayah, 11.

‘I thought it was lots of fun and now I’m going to use the Story Booklet to write at home.’

‘Excellent workshop! Instructor great bonding with the kids.’parent.

‘I’ve only observed from a distance but I’ve seen Nik be encouraging, positive, engaging. I’ve seen my children grow in confidence and imagination.’parent.

Engaging young kids with Shakespeare is a skill. You got my 8 year old writing = SUCCESS!’ – Petra


It waEME copy 3s fun. I think it is great opportunity for people to learn about story writing. I gained skills in how to write a short story and to round it all off in short period of time, to bring it to a closure which I wasn’t previously able to do myself. Also benefited from pro tips like ‘starting the story close to the end point for strong close’. I also got insights into the world of publishing which would surely be beneficial when I am a world renowned published multi-millionaire author. – Mahad, 9

Very good course, gave my kid confidence and useful guidance that would help him for a long time along the way. – Mubbasher, Parent

I thought that it was very good!! – William, 9

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