Writing Prompts

I’ve just been drawing up a list of writing prompts I can use with my group. Below, in case anyone is in need of inspiration, or is curious, is the last list of prompts I used. Feel free to use any of them – and if you decide to write something from them, let me know – I’d love to see what you came up with.

1. He’d walked all night.
2. It was him in the picture.
3. Everything looked different.
4. If only I had my diary.
5. Would you believe it.
6. I thought that she was dead.
7. Little green men
8. I saw it in the baker’s.
9. I’d not felt like that since
10. It reminds me of coleslaw
11. It felt like sunshine
12. It must have been the fairies.
13. Where are you going with that knife?
14. I don’t think I’m old enough.
15. Surely you’re too old to be doing that
16. Hold me.
17. Everything looked different.
18. It must be the cold.
19. Did you leave it out, like I asked?
20. Why do you always do it wrong?
21. Hello.
22. Knickers
23. When I stepped onto the beach I thought.


And I’ve just heard the tremendously sad news that Pat Kavanagh has died.

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