Just seen the voting chart wossname of what people thought of my short story, How Do you Solve the Cube?. And it’s pleasing, though I did have a typical writer moment; when I saw there were a fair number of ‘Wows’ I thought: they must be from people I know. Well, whether they were or they weren’t, they’re great to have. Thanks to all who read and who voted. I’m really happy you enjoyed it.


The new issue of the brill Short Review is out, always worth a read. I notice one of the reviewers is a Bill West – is that the Bill West who I know, I wonder…?

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  1.  by  Sarah Hilary

    Great feedback, Nik! Not from me, I’m afraid as I didn’t get around to paying for my subs there yet. Bet it means you have new readers!And, yes, it’s that Bill West (from WW)!

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    I suspected it was him. Good man; good review, give him my best if you see him over in Flash.The more I think about the it the fewer people I can think of who are signed up to Espresso (one, as far as I know), which makes the poll results even more cheering. Still, I wouldn’t be a proper writer if I had no doubts, would I!Nik :)Nik

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