Every now and again (NOT very often) I find something, read something, hear something that just blows my mind. Something that feels right, like it could have been created just for me. Something that’s so good it’s like there’s nothing to compare it to.

And I’m feeling like that at the moment about Willful Creatures, by Aimee Bender. It’s just brilliant. I’ve not finished it – I don’t want to, because once I’ve finished it, that’ll be it, I’ll have read it and it will be over.

You can hear one of the stories being read here.

And click here to see Aimee at Google Authors.


And how’s this for a top photy! Go Tania!


ADDED (A little later)…

What on earth is this all about? People calling for a poetry anthology, used in GCSE papers, to be destroyed because a poem in it mentions knife crime????? Methinks someone’s missed the point. Bloody ridiculous. Me also thinks that certain people should give teenagers a little bit more credit. Honestly.

AND. .. Wouldn’t you hope that the people marking these papers (or invigilating) understood the poems themselves?

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  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    Ahh, Aimee Aimee Aimee!!! (Shhhh, enough, keep quiet or everyone will want a piece…) Your poor blog readers probably thought that the clicky was to a lovely pic of AImee herself. Sorry to disappoint. It’s me, dazed and delighted!

  2.  by  Fionnuala

    Nik, I agree, the whole world is as mad a box of frogs. We should give the majority of young people the respect the credit they deserve. Fx

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Lol Tania. Hmm, maybe I should have put up a pic – she is a hottie. 😉 Her words are hot too… Good to hear you’re still delighted – ride that wave!Fi,It’s bloody crackers, isn’t it? Honestly. As the lady who made the complaint said – “what sort of message is that to give to kids” – exactly. What message indeed.Nik

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