I’m in a bit of a rush (I have writing and editing things to do and Good Boyfriend Duties to perform) but I absolutely had to post about this incredible film. Wall-E is excellent. It is a masterpiece. None of the trailers, in my opinion, come close to doing it justice. It’s epic and tender and funny and exciting, and that’s forgetting the wonderful animation, which is probably the best I’ve seen. A truly wonderful story, wonderfully told. And I think that it’s a film which adults can enjoy without making concessions for it being a Disney kids’ film.

I enjoyed it so much I went and bought myself a momento – I have never done that before. (As Blogger’s being silly and won’t let me upload it, you’ll have to wait for the evidence.)

So, you know, maybe you should consider going to see it.


Oh and good friend and top writer, Tania’s had a bit of a bumper couple of days – go her!

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  1.  by  Sarah Hilary

    I knew we should have seen that film not Space Chimps like our 7 year old insisted. Whatca gonna do, though? Her treat, she gets to choose. Love the title you gave this blog!

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Yup, you have to respect her call! What I think you should do is tell her she can have another treat, and take her to see Wall-E. Sneeky, no? The children in the cinema absolutely loved it, and I’m pretty sure the mums and dads did too.Telly you what, it’s very often I get excited about a film!Was Space Chimps any good?N

  3.  by  publishingcareer

    Hi NikI’d just like to say sorry about leaving that spam comment on your blog on Friday…Sorry. I don’t want it to reflect badly on CompletelyNovel as I was on work experience and was over keen, and you’re right it isn’t very professional. No bad feelings I hope. Rob

  4.  by  Sarah Hilary

    Space Chimps was fairly dire but by no means the worst film I’ve been obliged to see with my daughter. That honour goes to Happy Feet. Jeez. How many toe-tapping, tonsil-wobbling penguins can a sane person take in 2 hours?? I used to like penguins before that film. Now I shy away muttering like a mad woman and cotton-wool-balling my ears.

  5.  by  Nik's Blog

    Sounds, um, wondrous, Sarah. ;)Rob, apology, of course, accepted. Just for the record, your comment didn’t piss me off. Things like that don’t tend to, neither do they tend to result in people taking the time, or having the confidence/desire to, follow any links that are left. It did look like spam.If there’s one thing I know about this writing/publishing industry it’s that those in it are constantly learning. It’s what we do; what we have to do. And judging by your apology it looks like you’re likely to be of that mindset – something which, if I were you, I’d find cheering.Credit to you for giving it a good go though. Just a thought – Why not get in touch with an author and see if they’ll put something on their blog about the short story competition? That’d be a better way of getting exposure, I’d have said, and on a blog it’d be a lot more visible.Or you could contact writers’ sites and see if they’d add it to their listings.All the bestNik

  6.  by  Nik's Blog

    Rob, you can email me via my website ( – I’m not promising anything but I can see what I can do.Good luckNik

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