World Book Day

Today’s World Book Day event was a success. And it was enjoyable. We had a decent turnout for the reading, which was good. And they all seemed to like my stories and the one, written for World Book Day here in the north west, by Zoe Lambert.

I think the most pleasing thing from my point of view was how well the writing group members read – they were all really great. So well done, them.
It was also pleasing to raise almost £80 for Book Aid – that’s a fair few books.
So thanks to all who came, who gave up their Thursday lunchtimes and to all you supercool authors who donated books.
I think there will be pictures tomorrow courtesy of Hannah.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Sorry D – just read this back and realised how curt I sounded – certainly not intentional. I think I’m a bit tired!Nik

  2.  by  Tania Hershman

    Sounds great, Nik, well done you! No wonder you are tired, go, rest, put your feet up, don’t think about books for…. 20 minutes at least 🙂

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    I took your advice, T. Didn’t do a thing today, save drink peppermint tea and eat houmous in a cafe. I did read a bit o’ Carver though…Nik

  4.  by  Jenzarina

    Hello Nik! Thanks for popping across and leaving a comment on my blog. I’ll be checking yours out- looks interesting!jen

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