First of all – a HUGE thank you to all who’ve helped, and to all who’ve said they’ll help, with the launching of Freaks!. It’s been wonderful seeing Freaks! out there in the big wide, and scary, world.

Second. We have a winner from the Twitter name your ideal super power competition. And the winner is…

Karen Wilde, whose ideal super power is: Omnipresence&shapeshifting into a giant lion wearing the stripy hat, appearing whenever animal cruelty occurs RAWWRRR . I can’t wait to see the illustration for that!


And we have a couple of reviews in. (You read quickly, people! Thank you!)

This, from Jamieson Wolf made me happy (he says ‘I knew from the moment that I looked at the cover of FREAKS! that I was in for a treat of monumental proportions. Eschewing the traditional short story, the ones contained in this collection are flash fiction pieces, stories told in comic book form, stories told in mere paragrahps that pack whole pages worth of emotion into very few words.’).

This, from Debbie Kinsey made me happy too. Debbie said ‘In some ways Freaks reminds me of The Tiny Wife, but much more dark and creepy.  The comic book style illustrations really complement this collection of strange and imperfect superheros.  Definitely worth a look.’

This went up at perhaps my favourite book review site – Bookchase – and that made me happy in other ways. Seeing this might have helped with that: ‘The final (or at least the latest) step in my evolution was directly influenced by the work of Nik Perring, author of Not So Perfect, a short story collection that I reviewed in late May 2010 (wow, it doesn’t seem like two years since that one). Nik was the first writer of “flash fiction” that I ever read. For those of you who haven’t been exposed to flash fiction, let’s just define it as “short, short stories.” That collection taught me to appreciate the effort and talent it took to create unforgettable characters, vivid images and impressions, and moods in just a few hundred words. And, yes, there was even a plot.’

And last, for now, is what Kathryn had to say over at Dawdlings:[Freaks!]is a captivating and compelling journey of escapism and affirmation. Essentially shouting right in our ears (and eyes), we’re all feeling like we don’t quite belong, and this is okay. Playing on a willed naivety while dealing with adult themes, FREAKS hits the perfect balance.’


So, yes. Thank you!

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