What I Missed

Not much to report I’m afraid. I’ve been tweaking a couple of short stories and doing the post-cellulitis/post-bursitis shuffle. It is not as fun as it sounds.

Here’s a link I picked up from Sally, to a video of the reading night in Manchester I couldn’t go to last week (grumble, curse). My faves were (predictably) Jenn’s, and the one about voles.

Also, I really like this T-shirt, designed by Ross Robinson. So now you know.

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  1.  by  plumboz

    Cellulitis? I probably spelled it wrong. Lord, I had the pleasure of a visitation from that beast many years ago. The right leg still goes a bit numb on occasion. I wish you well in your recovery.Alan (Plumboz)

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hello hello! Great to see you here, Alan. Thanks for the good wishes, they’re much appreciated. Not a pleasant beast, cellulitis, is it?Nik

  3.  by  publishingcareer

    Hi NickThought you might be interested in checking out this Short-Story Competition from CompletelyNovel – a new online community for writers and readers that lets you share your work online and sell it as a paperback. They are celebrating their launch to the public in October with a competition for short stories to appear in their CompletelyNovel Launch Anthology. Winners are being selected by people from across the publishing industry.More details at http://www.completelynovel.com/home/competitionRob

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