What I Did Today

Today has zipped by and it’s been long. Strange. I spent most of the afternoon making arrangements for the Alzheimer’s Book’s launch (let me know if you can come, folks) and then talking with the top people at our local radio station who are going to record the event and broadcast it the following week – so you all have the chance to listen.  And I’ve drafted a press release – not something I’ve done particularly often.

The books should be here tomorrow. I will get them in the post just as soon as I have your money.
And now, even if it’s just for a little while, I am going to write.

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  1.  by  Vanessa Gebbie

    Hi NikI have looked into coming up for the launch… but I live a long way away (near Lewes in Sussex) and travel on a Sunday is hopelessly inefficient and expensive. It was going to take hours, five rail changes, and a bus journey, one way! And I’d have to stay somewhere, all adding to the £££. It’s not computing. But if you are doing reading events, let me know and perhaps it will be easier…

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Oh what a shame, V – I’d have loved for you to have made it – and loved to have met you properly! I must admit I thought that asking some of the contributors to get here might be a bit much (think: Tania!), to say the least – especially with no chance of helping financially with accommodation and travel. AND it’s on a Sunday.I could definitely look at playing an audio track though, perhaps… I’d like that! Let me speak to my radio/audio bods and get back to you tomorrow. Hmm. Interesting…Nik X

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