What I Did Today + What’s Coming Up

Well, so much for a lazy Sunday (which I’d planned). I took off after lunch, with this book, Niki Aguirre’s 29 Ways to Drown and a notebook and headed off to a cafe. I read some stories and then I drafted a set of questions for the next author I’ll be interviewing for the blog. And I really enjoyed it – it’s a great way to look at writing differently, from a different angle, and it’s really good fun; definitely a perk to being a writer and a blogger.

And the list of interviewees is growing. Expect to hear from a children’s author, a short story author, a poet, a novelist and more over the next few weeks and months. I know. With these interviews I am spoiling you, and I’m very happy to do so.


And while I was writing, some Local Wisdom was occuring nearby – which looked particularly exciting (the lovely Fiona blogs about it here).

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  1.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks Gay – lovely to see you over here!Annie, I might actually blog about that; it's something that always takes far longer than I think it will!Nik

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