What a Review!

There’s little nicer to read as a writer than a good review of your work, and when that work’s for children, as my book I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? is, and the good review is from someone who isn’t a proper grown-up (quite yet!) then that’s even better. So, yes, reading Jacob’s intelligent and thoughtful review here made me very happy.

What also makes me very happy is being interviewed by the terrific Caroline Smailes. I read her second book, Black Boxes earlier in the year and utterly loved it; it’s the best book I’ve read this year – and I was lucky enough to interview her here.
So as much as I’m hobbling around on a dicky foot, and as much as the antibiotics I’m taking to cure the reason for such hobbling are making me feel just a little bit horrid, I am rather happy.
Thank you, Jacob, and thank you, Caroline.

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  1.  by  Douglas Bruton

    Nice review by jacob… and good interview… with sound advice on sticking with it… all of that just the lift you need right now.bestd

  2.  by  Douglas Bruton

    NikJust to pick your brains a little, what sorts of things have you done to promote your children’s book since it was published? I ask cos I was in discussion with the publicity person at the publishing house for my later-in-the-year children’s book and they came up with a broad list of things to do and then asked me to think about things I could do to help… so ideas would be gratefully received.BestD

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Douglas, you probably know this already cos I’ve been so slow in replying, but I’ve emailed you.T, it is getting better – first day (well, afternoon) without limping. Whoop! And off the antibiotics now (unless doc tells me otherwise tomorrow) whoop whoop!Nik

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