Waterstone’s, Oxford Street – Staff Picks

Here’s something that makes me happy. A photo from Waterstone’s, Oxford Street in old London Town, taken last Friday, showing that Not So Perfect is a Staff Pick.

It says: ‘A book that’s full to the brim with ideas and all elegantly presented in bite-sized pieces. Perfect for the tube.’

I can’t argue with that.

And don’t forget, you can still get a signed copy from me in time for Christmas for £10. If you’d like one then drop me a line via the contact form here.

Thank you, Waterstone’s, Oxford Street and your lovely staff.

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  1.  by  Dan Purdue

    Excellent, Nik. Did you know about this in advance, or did you just stumble across it?

    It must be great knowing the book’s still generating interest even though it’s been out for more than a year. I bet you feel proud, and rightly so.

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