Two Things That Made Me Very Happy Happy Today

The first was an email I received. It was a review of my book by Archie Clark. It put a big old grin on my big old face.
Archie said:

“I Met a Roman last Night, what did you do? By Nik Perring.


Review by Archie Clark. Aged 8.


The book ‘I met a Roman last night what did you do? ‘ is a very good book. It starts with a boy called Jack who does not want to go to bed,  he wanted to find out more about the Romans he’s learning about them at school. Eventually he went to bed and to sleep and in his dream he met a Roman and the next night he met a Celt and the

next day when Jack was at school the teacher, Miss Bean told them they were gong on a surprise school trip. That night he dreamt he met a Viking the next morning Jack went on a school trip. That night Jack wanted to stay up to find more info on the computer but he knew he needed his rest for sports day, so he went to sleep and he met a young girl in the war then he woke up and went to sports day.


Make sure you buy this book for your child. I would rate it age 7+ and the story 9+.”

Thank you so much, Archie, for such a well written and brilliant review. I hope you find lots of other really good books to read.
And the second thing that made me very happy today was the postman delivering me this, Heaven Can Wait, by Cally Taylor.

Look out for an interview with Cally here shortly. I can only hope it’s half as good as the one she did with Caroline Smailes.

7 Comments on “Two Things That Made Me Very Happy Happy Today

  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    Wonderful! What a lovely review, great thing to receive of a morning. Surprising and delightful, eh? Enjoy your books! I got a lovely delivery of three books from Salt today, made me very happy too.

  2.  by  Janette Jones

    wonderful review – I love the innocence of children – sadly I have no delivery of books today which makes me very sad :0(

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