Two Days To Go/How You Can Help

Well there are only two days to go until Freaks! is officially published. And that’s both scary and exciting. But it’s a celebration too and I just wanted to remind you that you can join in with the celebrations in a couple of different ways.

You could, if you like, pop one of the stories from Freaks! on your blog for a day, at any point over the next couple of weeks. Email James ( if you fancy it and he’ll give you all you need, including a free eBook as a thank you.

On Thursday we’ll be running a competition on Twitter. Simply use the hashtag #freaks and tell us what your ideal super power would be. The winner gets a very cool and very unique prize. Watch this space for more details on that.

And there are other ways you can help us celebrate. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s received Freaks, either on here or on Twitter or Facebook (the first pre-ordered copies are being delivered now…!). Tell me what you think. Or send me a picture of it, if you like. Yes, that could be cool.

And if you like it (which I really, really, hope you will!) spread the word in any way you like. Reviews on blogs would be fab (and I’m more than happy to be interviewed, if you’d like to have me), and on amazon too, – if you’d be kind enough to spare a couple of minutes to do them, then that’d be ace.

So, yes. It’d be brilliant and massively appreciated if you could help us celebrate.

Mostly though, I hope you enjoy it. And thanks to all who’ve ordered and to all who’ve already said they’ll help.

Thank you!

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