Trains and Buttons and Age and Stuff

It was a nice thing to be able to get away for the weekend. It was probably the first time I’d been away properly since May or June last year, what with my ailments and all. And I’m happy to say that Brackley, the trains and the weather were all kind (and that’s despite me taking a considerable topple on the snow on our way out, with our host, for food. Said host and L (it’s L now, not My Beloved for your ref. – because that’s what she prefers) thought it amusing though). Woah. Brackets within brackets – crazy. 

On the way down I listened to the terrific short story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, by F Scott Fitzgerald (I’d no idea it was his story) which I loved and would recommend in a trice. Especially as it was free. (If you’re on itunes, go to podcasts and whack  ‘short story’ into the search wossname and it should come up…).
And some links:
This post on writing and age by Faye L Booth is great and interesting, and not only because I’m only a year younger than her.
And this brilliant round-up of competitions and such from Tania Hershman. Doesn’t her new-look blog look good?
And there’s still time to vote for my story on Six Sentences (I’m in third now so if you’re going to vote now’s the time!).

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