Today, The Internet is Like My Own Tardis

It’s true. By the power of the internet I am in three places at once today.

I’m talking to the magnificent Cally Taylor (whose name I can’t use without it reminding me that her first book made me cry in public) about what turns me on and off when I’m judging/reading submissions.

I’m at the equally magnificent Talli Roland’s blog, talking about how I celebrated the publication of Freaks!, and wondering how you’d celebrate the launch of your books.

And, last but by no means least, I’m, with Caroline, over at Sarah Salway’s, answering her 5 questions. 

So, join in the fun, folks! And, how would you (or how have you) celebrate your book coming out?

4 Comments on “Today, The Internet is Like My Own Tardis

  1.  by  Cathy

    I would celebrate by going to the pub and getting drunk. I celebrate everything with alcohol. When I got a 1st for my poetry portfolio recently, I went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of absinthe, as that seemed suitably poetryish.

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