Tidying Up

I’ve spent a fair amount of time over these past couple of days tidying up my blog and website. I’m not sure you’d notice straight away but for the curious…

My website now has its own short story page, where a good number of my stories that have been published online can be read. That’s meant I’ve been able to remove a few from the right hand sidebar, so the blog looks a little tidier.

I’ve also added an interviews page to my website – again meaning I can remove some of the links to the right so the blog doesn’t look quite so ragged and straggly. (I did this randomly by the way – so if you’re interview’s not there, sorry, but it wasn’t because I didn’t like what you had to say. Actually, that’s a very good point – I don’t think I’ve been unhappy with any of my interviews, which says an awful lot about those I’ve interviewed.)

Err, so there.

I hope you like what I’ve done – if you don’t, let me know!

10 Comments on “Tidying Up

  1.  by  Lauri Kubuitsile

    Nik, Just curious as I used to have a website but now only have my blog- why do you think you need both? Do you see them as serving different purposes? If so what?

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    I'll clean for money, Rachel! Lauri, yes I *think* I need both. The website's more static and I can put all my relevant professional info on there in a way that's easy for people to find – the blog's always changing and its layout's not as flexible so important info, I think, kinda gets lost in the mush, if that makes sense! (NB this could just be how my brain works..!)

  3.  by  Lauri Kubuitsile

    That does make sense Nik. I should perhaps re-think things a bit. My big problem is I'm useless at trying to do anything on the website and must hire people which is costly. Blogs are very technoidiot friendly.

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