Thursday Was Cool

I went to see a local school’s version of The Rocky Monster Show on Thursday, and it was brilliant. Utterly brilliant. Now, I’m going to be every so slightly bias because it was directed by my beloved, but really, I’d have loved it anyway. Great songs, great script, great costumes and great routines. Top, top stuff.

And it’s reminded me that I do mean it when I say that I want to write a play one day. (Actually, I need to figure out how one does it first, and, as a point of possible and/or debatable interest, a screenplay was the first major project I worked on.)


I’m surprised and pleased that, after well over a month, people are still downloading the short, short story I wrote for Halloween. To be honest, I was surprised when it was being downloaded a week after. Just shows, you never can tell. (I just hope those who are listening to it like it!)

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