Things That Make Me Happy (Is This a Meme?)

Nothing big, nothing drastic. Just a few small things that have made me happy lately…

1. My hand is ok. I’ve been getting odd twinges in my right hand for a couple of weeks. So I went off to see the doctor who said it was nothing more than the overuse of the muscle and nothing to worry about. This is good for two reasons: it means I’m probably not going to die from it and that I don’t need to worry – something I’ve a tendancy towards.
2. I have been writing. Now, this might not sound all that odd (I am a writer after all) but writing’s good and being able to do it means my head’s in a better place than it has been of late.
3. I’ve just finished a notebook. It contains, aside from a few flashes, one Bigger Project I’ve been working on. That means I’ve made progress. That means work has been done. And I can see a shape to it now. All good.
4. My latissimus dormi are not hurting. That means I’ve been able to get back to jogging. I’m slow, I think I look an unlikely keep (get?) fit person, but after eighteen months of not being able to do any sort of physical exercise, it’s very pleasant to be able to do something. Though the four minute mile is a long way off.
5. I’ve been reading a fair old bit and have found some gems. Lizard, I’ve mentioned below and interviewed its author here, was hugely enjoyable. I read The Virgin Suicides which is great. Michael Kimball’s Dear Everybody absolutely knocked my socks off. Clare Wigfall’s The Loudest Sound and Nothing contains some of the best short stories I’ve read. And the current book, Princess Sarah Salway’s, Tell Me Everything is brilliant.
6.The weather’s changed and it’s reminded me how more more comfortable I am with autumnal, even wintry, weather.
So there. And this feels like the makings of a meme. So if anyone else would like to post six things that have made them happy, then I think they should do so.

7 Comments on “Things That Make Me Happy (Is This a Meme?)

  1.  by  annie clarkson

    Very cool things to be happy about. I have six things, maybe more then six things, but already posted eight on my blog this morning… 🙂

  2.  by  SueG

    This is great, especially since it means you're feeling well and vital. I already posted my blog today. but I like this and will keep it in mind.

  3.  by  Lauri Kubuitsile

    I'm a bit blog-stuck so I'm going to take your advice. It's always good to remind yourself of the good things. Glad you are fit to run and your hand is fine. Health issues are such a schlep.

  4.  by  Nik Perring

    You too, Hiro. I don't know if your blog's good or not because I can't read Chinese (or, well, anything that isn't English).

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