Things In My Office That Make Me Happy

I was talking to a good friend yesterday about things we had in our offices. And I thought: why not share them? So, here they are. Here’s a glimpse into the (insert adjective of your choice) world of me.

This was a treat, from me to me, I acquired when my first book was published. It’s a scaled replica of Obi-Wan’s lightsaber. I am cool. I know.

Its big brother.

 My mug. Appropriate.

Wall.E and Eva. The first thing I did after seeing the film was buy these. As I said, I’m cool, clearly.(The pink thing behind Eva is a kaleidoscope (no idea where that’s from) and to her left is a paperweight which used to belong to my grandparents.) 

Postcards. I like postcards. If you’ve sent me one then chances are it’ll be on my wall somewhere.

I bought these from a wonderful art shop in Devon about six years ago. They were the first things to go up in my office for decoration.

…and Worzel. Cos I’ve been watching him a fair old bit of late.
So, there you have it. A small glimpse into Nik-World. Anyone else going to share?
(In case you’re interested – I  talked a little more about how I write over at Teresa Stenson’s blog.)

12 Comments on “Things In My Office That Make Me Happy

  1.  by  Marisa Birns

    You have great stuff in your office. Love Wall.E and Eva!In addition to being wonderfully decorated, your office looks to be so clean and neat. Great place in which to spend time working. :)Unfortunately, I don't have an office. Yet.

  2.  by  Teresa Stenson

    I'm nosy and I love this. Good idea for a blog – might do something like that soon. I don't have an office, but I do have a corner. Oh yes.

  3.  by  Kelly

    Ha – love the items in your office. They give a lot away about you. There's a lot there that is young/fun but everything is in clean lines…just so…Good idea for a post!

  4.  by  Megan

    I wouldn't dare share, your office looks way too neat and dust-less (are your books in alphabetical order?)compared to my various pockets of chaos.But big thanks for the insight, my nosy self is very happy.

  5.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks Marisa. It i snot as tidy as it looks, I can assure you! Ace! Do it, Jen!And ace to you too, Teresa. I'm nosy too and I'd love to see your corner.Thanks Kelly. I hope they don't give too much away! :)Megan, you'd be surprised. For example: I can barely see my floor for papers, a pair of binoculars, folders, an empty Clipper tea tin box thing and a cardboard box. I think I just photographed wisely! πŸ˜‰

  6.  by  Nik Perring

    All the best people do, Caroline. It's a good mug! πŸ™‚ Half a sugar for me please! (My other fave mug is Mr. Messy – also apt!)So, you tempted to show your own office off?Nik XX

  7.  by  Rachel Fenton

    Hey – we have the same pc – do you have problems with your mouse pad? And does yours crach without warning on critical battery?I love knowing what stuff people value. Just done a 10 happy things list but not sure if I could reveal my "office" seeing as it's my bed!

  8.  by  aminah

    i like the postcards on the wall…I have one i think you would like A painting of a glasgow tenement by an artist called Avril Paton.. hope all well your end!

  9.  by  Calistro

    Oooh I spotted MY postcard. Yay! :)Really, really want my own office now. Have lots of stuff and no space for it πŸ™

  10.  by  Nik Perring

    Hi RachelI've a mouse so I don't use the pad but the pc isn't the most reliable; it tends to freeze rather than crash…Hey Aminah! Lovely to see you here! the postcard sounds cool – I'll have to try to look it up.Good spot Cally! (The negative side to having an office is that it becomes a stuff magnet…!)

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