That Was Nice

I dropped in on the Poynton Writers’ Guild’s latest book launch yesterday, which was great fun. Pearl Baby (great name) is a collection of stories and poems its members have written. I’ve not had chance to read it yet but I enjoyed the readings I heard so I reckon there’ll be plenty in there to keep me amused.
It was also really good to meet Meg again (who was a great host and looked after me wonderfully), and Anne Sherman, who’s both lovely and has done lots of good things for literature round here over the past few years.

I’m still particularly grumpy about missing out on a brilliant night tonight though.
I should be on a train now, heading down to Brighton to read at Sparks, but I’ve an appointment I can’t miss tomorrow and so have had to pull out (I wouldn’t have been back in time). If you’re in the area get yourselves down there, it’ll be ace. (I’ve seen the photo that’ll be used for my story and it looks superb.)

2 Comments on “That Was Nice

  1.  by  James Burt

    Nik – It was a shame you couldn't come to Sparks last night. It was a friendly night with some great stories. I enjoyed your piece about Sharkboy. Hopefully you'll be able to make it down to Sparks in the future.James

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks James – I'm really disappointed to have had to miss it to be honest and I'll definitely be there at some point soon.Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words on Shark Boy. Hope your reading went well.Nik

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