Short Circuit

Just a little heads up really. Vanessa Gebbie will be here on Monday talking to me about Short Circuit – A Guide to the Art of the Short Story, of which she is the editor.

I’ve been flicking through it. It’s really rather good. I particularly like what Alison Macleod had to say (I’ve not read anything by her yet, this will change) and the essay in there by my good friendTania Hershman.


And in other news, I’ve just emailed my recommendation to the good folk over at One Book – bet you can’t guess which one I chose.

6 Comments on “Short Circuit

  1.  by  Rachel Fenton

    I'm here to brag about having already read short circuit! Hehe! As far as the contributors to the essays, it's actually the best advertisement for the writers whose work I haven't yet read, for me to want to buy their writing (erm, that would be books then)!

  2.  by  Vanessa Gebbie

    coo… Rachel that was quick! An in NZ too. Wow. There's contributors here in UK who haven't seen their copies yet!Im looking forward to perching here for a few minutes on Monday. Nik asked some super questions about Short Circuit, and hopefully I answered them! We had the launch today – lots sold, especially to Uni libraries… v exciting.V

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