First, something I promised Diane I’d do a while ago – post a picture of my workspace. It’s my desk earlier in the week. I think, judging by the book on my desk, I’d just finished reading Errand, by Raymond Carver (very good and I have no idea why I’d not read it before).

And here’s what the local press had to say about what my writing group (some of whom are pictured – Jenny, Betty and Karen) did for the local British Legion (some of whom are pictured – Harry Gaskell, and Anne Cave). I’m just chuffed and – I admit it – surprised my name’s spelled right.

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  1.  by  Douglas Bruton

    Scruffy means there’s lots going on… that’s what I say when people see my workspace… and trust me, if you think what you have shown us here is ‘scruffy’ then you haven’t seen anything. Mine is ten piles deep in paper and books and notebooks and envelopes and stamps and notes and post-its and pens and pictures and drawing pins and paperclips and postcards….See… now that’s scruffy!! And lots going on is what I tell people.D

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    You know, I know EXACTLY what you mean – I wish I hadn’t had a mini-tidy earlier then we could have had a scruffy-off type thing. 🙂

  3.  by  fiona bailey

    hi nikjust to say how funny that you should be in the gallery yesterday discussing press coverage and then hey presto – and both our events on the same page! congratulations and here’s to a really successful world book day event at the library. i’m spreading the wordfiona – thewhitegallery, bollington

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hello! I know, I thought the same (and suppose I should take some of what I said back now!). Lovely to see you over here, and thanks for the good wishes and word spreading; much appreciated. I shall no doubt see you soon.Nik

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