On Writing and Place – An Interview With Me

A litttle while ago (well, months probably) I agreed to write a short piece on writing and place for Tania Hershman’s excellent blog. I started it many, many times over but couldn’t work out what I wanted to say. I knew what I thought about it, and I thought that that thought was a simple one. But just like that last sentence it was far more complicated than I’d anticipated.

Anyway. I’m interviewed today over at Tania’s blog, about writing and place. I think it makes sense. It does to me now. I’m interested to know what you think of it.

4 Comments on “On Writing and Place – An Interview With Me

  1.  by  Sarah Hilary

    I really enjoyed your guest blog, Nik, especially the self-exploratory approach you took to telling the story of your "place" with writing. Thanks for sharing, especially when it sounds a little as if you are having a tough time of it right now.

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    If I'm honest, Sarah, I think this has been about the toughest year of my life. I kind of wish I could blog about it to be honest but I've more respect for other people, and decency, than to do that (incidentally, more respect and decency than those parties have for me, which is a shame)! – so I'll not.That you enjoyed my post makes me happy, thank you! It was a strange one to write and has made me think, and see, things differently. And that's never a bad thing.Ramble, ramble.But, thanks. Glad you liked.Nik

  3.  by  Janette Jones

    Loved your honesty in the interview and spookily I too didn't go to university and decided to work instead and have regretted it since.

  4.  by  Nik Perring

    Thank you Janette!Mine's only a mild regret in that I love being able to write. I do wonder what it'd have been like though. It all happens for a reason…Nik

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