Megan Taylor thinks my blog is fabulous. Thank you Megan, yours is rather fine as well.

Now, as part of accepting this lovely award I have to do meme shenanigans. Namely: List five obsessions. Megan offered 5 obsessions in her writing which I may do as well. We’ll have to see how I feel further into this post (it’s feeling like a long day already!).
Nik’s Obsessions (or what he’s obsessive about – are they the same thing?):
Fountain pens. (Like you didn’t know that.)
Stats for this blog. (Yes, I’m watching you.)
Getting writing right. (A hopeless one.)
Not being too sensitive. (As above.)
Birds. And leopards. I really like leopards.
And writing obsessions? Why not. 
Seeing things differently/ loneliness
People not being able to get things right.
Or perhaps they’re more themes. 
Now to tag five peeps, whose blogs I think are fab, to interpret this meme as they see fit, should they want to.
I tag:
And talking of leopards, I think Legadema here is about my favourite. Watch her try to mother a baboon cub. Quite, um, wow.

6 Comments on “Obsessions

  1.  by  Lauri Kubuitsile

    Where I lived before I moved back home this February, I used to everyday walk my dogs up in the hills behind my husband's school. Only a few months before we moved an old man told my husband he regularly saw leopards up there. I never did though it gave me quite a fright to hear that.

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Yes – well it's all very well me liking them from the other side of the TV screen isn't it!! Bit different if you're actually among them! Still, beautiful and graceful things.

  3.  by  annie clarkson

    I've been tagged too… will have a think about this before I post my obsession. one of my difficulties with this task is I'm obsessed with obsessions, and also with lists, so this could be rather an obsessive task for me!

  4.  by  Nik Perring

    Hey Annie – I noticed you'd been tagged and was already looking forward to your answers. Sounds like it could get interesting!Thanks Hulie!Nik

  5.  by  Megan

    Lovely – thank you Nik!!Huzzah, especially, to the leopards(I've got a thing about paws)m xx

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