Not Funny Ha Ha

It’s been a funny few days, and not the sort of funny that makes a person laugh. A couple of, shall we say, crappy things have happened which, though they’ve been utterly non-writing related, have knocked me sideways to a point where precious little writing has been done. And that’s frustrated me because I’ve wanted to get lots of writing done. Grumble, grumble. But the number of lovely people who’ve been lovely to me far outnumbers those who aren’t so great and haven’t been so nice, which I suppose is something. Thank you, lovely people.

But have I been sat at home being sad and grumpy? Not all the time, no. I have started jogging. Not very far. And aching limbs (and probably looking like the least likely jogger in the world) aside it’s been fun and a relief – it’s been well over a year since I’d been able to do anything like that level of physical activity due to a nasty infection I had * which has taken, clearly, an age to get over.
I have also been doing a fair amount of reading – more on that soon because one of the books I’ve read I want to dedicate a post to because I loved it. THIS is for the more curious among you.
Right. I am going to try to write something now. Wish me luck.
*and no, the ‘beloved’ as mentioned in that post in not my beloved any longer. Nice to be reminded of what was. Hmm. 

6 Comments on “Not Funny Ha Ha

  1.  by  Sarah Hilary

    Sorry to hear that some idiots have been treating you badly, Nik. They need their heads knocking together. Good to know you're seeing silver linings, though. And jogging! You're a brave man. I've taken to walking everywhere as exercise but you wouldn't catch me jogging. (Actually, yes you would even if you were walking at the time.) Good luck with the writing – I know what you mean about days when you had it planned and life sticks its oar in. Hopefully you'll get some done.

  2.  by  Samantha Tonge

    Chin up, Nik. And good on you for taking up jogging. I'm more of a swimmer myself, nothing beats lying on your back in the water, trouble-shooting your latest subplot:)x

  3.  by  Jane Smith

    Jogging. Well done. Could you put in a couple of miles a day for me, do you think? I'd be ever so grateful. (One of your links in this piece isn't working, I'm afraid. I've tried it twice. Just thought you'd want to know.)

  4.  by  Nik Perring

    Course I will (though I can't promise it'd be that long!).That link should be correct now – I think it was my mistake though I'd rather blame it on Blogger. ;)Nik

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