Nice Mention

After a week of reading through my little novel my head is a bit fuzzy. But in a good way – I’ve enjoyed the work and the read. This is good (if it hasn’t bored me then maybe it won’t bore others…). It feels very close to being finished. Eek.

Really chuffed to see that I’ve had a mention on the fabulous Chicklish site. Thanks to Alexandra and the fab Chicklish girls for that. (As a point of interest, one of said girls is Luisa Plaja, author of Split by a Kiss, and interviewed by me here; and the other is the lovely Keris. Go, check ’em out, folks.)

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no speak. How the devil are you? I’m okay, well, walking again at least.Hope you’re good.(The Black Box is fun, innit?)Nx

  2.  by  Lisa G

    Nik!!!!!!! I’m okay, thanks! Doing a bit of this, bit of that, and way too much black boxing! Urrrgh.Glad to hear you’re walking! Eeeek! Right, must stop playing with that damn widget! Tsk. Lx

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