New Notebook Meet New Rug

I’ve not much to report on the writing front (other than I’ve been writing), but my new rug arrived yesterday, and I’ve just (sweated buckets and cursed a lot) put it in. Actually it took me hours to realise that the rug shaped parcel with the word ‘rug’ printed on it was in fact the rug, but there you go. I think, after signing for it, I even said to myself, that rug’s still not here yet.


This is a brilliant place to go if you like teen fiction and great writing.
There will be something more relevant to writing up here soon, I promise.

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  1.  by  Lane

    Nice new rug! Rug shaped packages can bve very deceptive:-)I hadn’t heard of Emily Gale before. Love her website, thanks.

  2.  by  Bold Rugs

    It is looking beautiful…but when you’re looking for the best rugs choose a cotton and wool blend fabric that are more durable than cotton, but still less expensive.and easy to clean……

  3.  by  Emily Gale

    Gosh, thanks for the plug!I once did that with a rug delivery, too! I was moaning about the lack of delivery and my partner said: but what was that thing delivered about an hour ago? “Oh, I dunno, just some long thing….ohhhhhh.” I’m glad it’s not just me.

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    It was a deceptive carpet LAne – I think it was disguised as a carpet ;)Thanks Bold Rugs, that’s good to know.Hullo Jenzarina – thanks!Emily – it so just isn’t just you!!

  5.  by  Anonymous

    I wish i had an office. I’m currently taking over the front room. Even moved a desk in beside the window. One day i’ll have my dream office, complete with nice rug.Love the rugJulie

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