Me? Cute?

I’m over at the utterly superb Metazen today.

I’m interviewed about Not So Perfect and stories and writing and where some of the stories is Not So Perfect came from. I’m quite frank, I think.

This is how it begins:

‘Physical Observations: Nik Perring’s book is square. A green skinned woman sits on what seems to be a plane with a lemur on her lap. The lemur is under a spotlight. The woman is about to sneeze. On the back cover a bald man lays reclined in an airplane seat. Michael Kimball exclaims “So full of life”. Let’s start there.’
and then…
‘The Stories: The book is filled with 22 stories. Every story is different. Some stories are marinated in magical realism. Others contain delightful bits of strategic whimsy. Other stories describe some common thing so poetically (like a strawberry) that you feel you’ve only seen it for the first time.’
And then the ‘cute’ thing. And ‘polite’.Heh.
‘Nik: Polite, cute, responsive, sensitive, British. When you read him he’s not so much speaking to you as he is holding your hand while you watch something, like a butterfly. He points, explains and warms you. 

  Click here to read the interview.

And they’ve also published one of the stories from the book. It’s called ‘Lump’ and it’s one I’m particularly fond of. Click here to read that.


I should say too, that if anyone overseas would like to get themselves a copy, their best bet (free worldwide delivery AND 25% off at the moment) would be here.

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