Leeds West Academy Book Launch

I’ve been wanting to write about Leeds West Academy, and the work we’ve been doing there, for a while now but, technical problems with this website, and then a lingering Christmas virus, scuppered all that. But I’m back and I’m better and the website’s working now, so…

I’ve been writer in residence, working with the brilliant First Story, at Leeds West Academy for over a year and during that time I’ve spent many a Friday there working with some brilliant young writers. And people. They are all wonderful, intelligent, and very funny people. And we’ve written about all sorts of things – zombies, the end of the world, vampires, tales of jealousy and revenge or heartbreak, Kangaroo Men, and mankini wearing teachers who eject silly string from their fingers. Yes, we covered pretty much everything.

And the best writings, we compiled into an anthology: Creations: Creatures of the Mind which has the best B Movie style cover I’ve seen in some time.

At the end of last year we launched the book and I loved, not only seeing everyone again but hearing everyone read their stories. I love being read to – there’s an extra dimension to it and nobody disappointed. And I loved that parents and other teachers were there to listen. There were really moving pieces, downright hilarious ones, and some brilliantly thought provoking ones too – and it thrills me to say that everyone there loved what they heard. Everyone was brilliant and I’m wholly proud to have been a part of it.


And here are some pics…

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