My Kindle arrived a little while ago. So far so good (not that I’ve done all that much with it). I shall report back soon.

6 Comments on “Kindle

  1.  by  Carolyn Jess-Cooke

    Oooh do let me know – I like the idea of a 'library at my fingertips' (would free up some space in our house in any case) but also don't know about replacing the bookishness of books…

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    I'll let you know…I LOVE books and I can't see them being replaced by this, but it does offer wonderful convenience. I imagine that, if I liked an eBook version enough I'd buy the 'proper' one as well. I'm interested to find out how this'll all shape up!

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Good to be there, L Plate!Tania – REALLY easy to read. Barely any different to reading from paper. Weird. And I've just posted a pic of it next to a book so you can see…

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