Keret on Gaza

You’ll have noticed that here, on this blog, I tend to stay clear of political things. That’s not because I don’t have an opinion (far from it!) but because there are other people who can do it better. Like, one of my absolute favourite writers, Etgar Keret, has done in a piece for the LA Times.

And I’m about back to normal and up to date with things – to the point where I actually got to write new things today. This has been a busy couple of weeks, but worth it. Watch this space for a couple of rather exciting interviews with some rather exciting people. They should be here soon. As should the next issue of Ballista, which contains one of my stories, Counting Rain. I think it’s due out early Feb.

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  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    Nik, thank you so much for pointing me towards Etgar Keret’s article, he does say it so well, doesn’t he? Zero bodies on either side, let’s all pray for that kind of “proportionality”.And thanks, too, for introducing me to Ballista, greatly looking forward to seeing your story, I shall get myself a copy forthwith!

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    You’re welcome, Tania and Jacqueline.Yes, I agree with what Mr Keret says entirely.Hope you enjoy Ballista, T – looks good!Nik

  3.  by  douglas.bruton

    Great article… and what we should all be thinking, I feel… Thanks for drawing attention to it.And well done, Nik, with ‘Counting Rain’… love the title by the way. Hope I get to read it someday.BestD

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Couldn’t agree more, re the great article comments, D. Just hope more people start thinking that way.And thanks for the story congrats; it’s a nice mag.Nik

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