It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I’ve done a meme on here (I think I’ve actually done this one a couple of times before, but that shouldn’t be a cause for worry).

Big thanks to Oscar Windsor-Smith for awarding me a Versatile Blogger Award. Now I must tell you good people 7 things about me that may not be generally known.

Here goes.

1. The first piece of writing I was paid for was written under a pseudonym, the first name of which was Joe. This was, I reckon, a little subconscious nod to Joe Strummer. (It was an article for a county magazine, in case you were wondering. And it featured both Merlin and David Beckham (there was a joke in there about wearing ridiculous robes, from memory).

2. When I started writing I didn’t think I would end up writing fiction.

3. My zodiac sign is Leo, and, from what I’ve read, I sound like a pretty typical one. (And no, I don’t know if there’s a sign that exists that I’m compatible with.)

4. I have a particular aversion to cliques (this will be a separate post, actually) and tend to avoid them at all costs. This can make me seem grumpy and/or not very social.

5. I mostly don’t care what people think about me. Though there’s always a strange desire to be accepted, in some way. Actually, I wonder if that’s why I write.

6. I can’t eat chocolate.

7. I don’t have a university degree. Or A Levels. And I have never attended any writing course, aside from those I’ve run. (Hypocrite, I know.)

So there you go. Now you know a little more about me. Anything else you want to know…?

(I’ll not tag anyone specifically to carry this on, but do let me know if you do it too.)

6 Comments on “It’s Been a While

  1.  by  Oscar Windsor-Smith

    Hi, Nick. Thanks for playing along, particularly as you've been VBA 'tagged' so many times before (no surprise at all, BTW, yours is a lively blog). I can identify personally with several of your 'facts', including education record, but – fortunately – not the chocolate exclusion. Cheers.

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Megan, sadly no, not even chocolate cake. It is not a good thing (though it does mean I'm not as fat as I could be!) x

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Pleasure, Oscar! It was fun!And hurrah for a shared education record. Just shows there are many ways to skin a cat…And if I can't have chocolate then I guess that means there's more for you (and Megan), and that can't be a bad thing!

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