In Which I Recommend Two Films

I wouldn’t consider myself to be anywhere close to being a movie buff. I mean, I like films, I just haven’t, over this past few years, managed to find the time to watch too many of them. I think the last time I went to the cinema was to see the Benjamin Button movie (which I loved), so, there’s a little perspective for you.

Anyway. So as not to bore you. I recently bought Apple TV, and as a result have had more of a reason to watch films. And watch them I have. Two have stood out as being exceptional and, while they’re both very different, I think they’re both well worth checking out.

The first is Restless. I LOVED it. It’s about a chap who attends other people’s funerals who gets into a relationship with a terminally ill girl. Oh, and his best friend’s the ghost of a WW2 Japanese Kamikaze pilot. Brilliantly simple, wonderfully wonky and something really quite special. If you ask me.

The second is ‘Sleeping Beauty’. I actually rented it because I thought it was a new take on the Fairy Tale. I was wrong. But I was not disappointed. It’s beautifully shot and acted and it’s, without doubt, uncomfortable. I can’t think of anything that’s got under my skin like it. Certainly not recently. It’s exceptional. It MOVED me, and that’s exactly what great stories do. Here’s the trailer.

Do let me know if you watch any of them.

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