A little while ago I agreed to do an event on World Book Day. This particular event’s in aid of Book Aid, an excellent cause. And during the conversation I had with the head librarian about how we could raise any extra money I said I’d speak to some author friends and see if they’d donate a signed copy of a book that we could raffle or auction or something.

I sent an email to 19 author friends on Friday.
Today I’ve already had 13 responses, all of them only too happy to help. Which is just fantastic.
So a very large Thank You to you all for being so generous and speedy.

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  1.  by  Steve Feasey

    Nik,I feel jilted, shunned and spurned. I’d have happily donated a digned copy of my book. If only you’d considered me as a friend…Let me know, mate.Steve

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