Good Films

Despite my best intentions, I wasn’t able to get to the pictures to see the last Avengers film. Or Captain Marvel. Or pretty much anything since, possibly, the last Star Wars film (and I’m not even going to go there because I’m still furious with 1) a rubbish story, badly told 2) that someone thought it was a good to idea to throw out everything we know about certain characters and the whole franchise to date and 3) that someone seemed really, really desperate to be the one who got to kill Luke – well done, you!) – that’s a cinema demon that definitely needs exorcising, and one that I’m sure I will if I ever manage to get a chunk of free time when I’m not sleeping).

And, breathe.

But! I have had a cold and that’s meant I’ve taken the foot off the gas a little and I’ve watched stuff.

Prospect was great (and low budget) sci-fi fun.

Green Book was absolutely magnificent. I adored it. You’re welcome.

still grumbling: bloody Rian Johnson.

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