Go Tania!

First off, I want to wish Lorrie all the very best and say thanks to her. Last Tuesday was sad as it was the last time she was able to come to my writing group for a good while; work commitments and all that.

She’ll be missed. Sorely. And I know not just by me. She’s a terrific writer and her comments were always astute, informed and hugely helpful. All the best Lorrie, and a great big thanks.


Secondly, and this is in no order, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to terrifically talented Tania – her debut short story collection is officially out! The book has its own website here.

I can’t wait to read it. (Oh, and watch this space for an interview with the author herself…)


And this has just popped into my inbox from another terrific writer, Oonah:

“About Every Day Poets

Every Day Poets is a magazine that specializes in bringing you fine, short poetry.
Starting on 1st November 2008, Every day at 12:01am Pacific Time (8am GMT), we will be publishing a new poem of up to 60 lines/500 words or fewer that can be read during your lunch hour, on transit, or even over breakfast.

Feel free to browse around the site, check out our archives as they grow, or even sign up to receive a poem in your inbox… every day!

And if you are a poet, why not send us your best work? We are open for submissions now.
Oonah V Joslin (Managing Editor)”

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  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    Nik, thank you, thank you! Here’s wishing Lorrie all the best, and good luck to Oonah in her new position running Every Day Poets, a very exciting new venture!

  2.  by  aoc gold

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