Getting The Credit You Deserve

Usually when I’ve written about editors here it’s because I’ve been cross – and that’s usually because I’ve felt that they’ve taken far too long to get back to me (if at all) re the story I’ve sent them. I’ve said that I don’t think it’s fair, for instance, to expect us writers to adhere to their guidelines (set it out this way, send it like this etc – perfectly reasonable) to then find that they don’t pay much attention to them themselves (you should hear back from us with xyz days, or send us an SAE and we’ll make sure you know if you’re not short listed). Or worse, there are those places who say it could take (insert stupid amount of time) to hear from us, if you don’t your story’s not been accepted. I still think I’m right, and I still think that those examples are unfair and are far too common.

But in three years of blogging, my praise for editors has been, shall we say, minimal. And that, equally, isn’t fair.
I say this honestly, that every editor who has accepted my work has been brilliant to work with (no surprises there, you might say). There have been a few instances, one this week, where I’ve sent something that I’ve felt was publication-ready but was only, say 95% there, and the editor has been prepared to work with me. To suggest changes. To read over my revisions. To engage with me, the story – to work at it with me. And I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing better. 
I’d also like to say something about those who haven’t wanted my work, but have been helpful in their rejections. Rejections, for writers and editors, are a huge part of the job, and when they’re done right they help everyone involved.
So, to all you good editors out there, who are dedicated, who work hard because you have pride in your publications (most often without pay), who love stories: Thank You. And please keep up the splendid work.
And to those who aren’t so good- come on, folks – help us to help you.

5 Comments on “Getting The Credit You Deserve

  1.  by  annie clarkson

    Oh name them, name them. Let's praise good editors…I have loved working with Sarah Hymas (editor from Flax), Jim Hinks (Comma) and Ian Seed (Shadowtrain)… amongst others…

  2.  by  Tania Hershman

    Yes! Nice to look on the positive side, three cheers for the great editors, I think you know who you are. And the ones that never, ever respond… Well, I think you know who you are too.

  3.  by  Anonymous

    Once worked with an editor who changed the rules of the game he had written down for me.Of course I argued my case… probably not wise to do that,,, some editors do bear grudges… I know to my cost.So it is good to hear that there are some goodies out there.

  4.  by  SueG

    Well said! Well done! A good, helpful editor is like gold dust. Even a little bit of their help goes a long way. I only wish there were more of them….

  5.  by  Nik Perring

    Hey Annie – thanks for sharing. I'll not name here because I wouldn't want any other brill eds I've worked with before to think that I didn't think they were brill (like they read my blog!!).Tania – exactly!Anon, yuk, that doesn't sound too good. There definitely are some brilliant ones though, definitely.Sue, yup! Nik

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