From Talk of Aliens and Space to…

talk of space. I’m sorry, but how cool is this? A planet? They’ve discovered a planet? Quite a way from our solar system, but they think they’ve discovered A PLANET!

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  1.  by  Paul Lamb

    Just a note of clarification. The articles I’ve seen say that astronomers say this is just the possibility of a planet. It might be a star in the background. They will look at this part of the sky in a year to see if the object is still there (more likely a background star) or moved (more likely a planet).

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hi Paul, thanks for visiting. Yes, I know I’m being a bit sensationalist about the whole situation (and why I made sure I said ‘they think they’ve discovered’ one) but, well, it’s still pretty exciting in my book (and that book’s definitely a non-scientific one!).BestNik

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