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First of all, my apologies for being a bit of a crap blogger of late. I’ve been ridiculously busy (and STRESSED!) and quite honestly haven’t had the time (or space in my brain) to post anything vaguely sensible here for a while. But things are better now. I’m almost up to date with things. Everything should improve soon.


Last Thursday I went along with Caroline Smailes (Caroline is, for those who were asking, the co-author of Freaks! and best selling novelist) to the Flash Mob Literary Salon event in Chorlton, for their Arts Festival. And it was great. I got to hear all of the Flash Mob Writing Comp short listed short, short stories/flash fiction pieces being read out, as well as pieces from various other short fiction writing folk. And, yes it was fab.

I got to meet the brilliant organisers (who’d invited me there as guest of honour, no less), who were all fab – big thanks to Ben, to Clare, and to Fat Roland, who each and all did a splendid job.

It was also a cool thing to be able to meet other writing folk – most notably the very lovely Lynsey, the super Valerie (plus baby!) and, long time online friend, Sarah. Yes, all very cool.

I read a couple of stories (which I think went down okay) from Not So Perfect (for those of you there: apologies for taking a while to get started – I was trying to suppress what felt like a burp of considerable size and volume – a burp that I didn’t want amplified over the mic and forced upon the listeners of Chorlton FM).

And all was good.

I’ll pop some links to photos and to the audio broadcast by Chorlton FM as and when I get them.

Congratulations to all the short listed writers, thank you all for reading good stories so well, and a big thank you for having me there.

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  1.  by  Sarah Hilary

    It was great to finally meet you, Nik, and I agree about what a terrific evening FlashMob organised. Enjoyed hearing you read your mechanical woman story – I always loved that one.

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