Elephants in Our Bedroom

We have another addition to my Incredibles list, folks (ie books that I think are incredibly good).

It’s Elephants in Our Bedroom, by Michael Czyzniejewski.


It’s a collection (Michael’s first) of 24 short stories, some very short, some longer, all brilliant. It reminds me of Aimee Bender’s work (and you all know how much I love her), in fact she blurbed it, and the work of Etgar Keret as well (again, you know how much I love him too) in that there are unlikely happenings (a man who, quite literally, keeps an elephant in his bedroom; the death of the colour purple; a man whose lover is hiding old men in her bedroom) but, in all of these stories, with their unlikely situations (which, as it happens, are entirely believable), there are characters who are just as real, just as fragile, just as obnoxious and just as human as us.


I know I’m no good at reviews, so to close I’ll type up the notes I made about this a few days ago:


Elephants in Our Bedroom’ is fiction as it should be: fun, affecting, intelligent, moving and something that changes, if only slightly, the reader and how one sees the world. It’ll probably change the way I write about it as well. If there’s one thing you might miss, being caught up in these utterly engrossing stories, it’s just how well written, how well crafted each one is. Incredibly good’


Which really, I think, says it all.

Oh, and you can buy it here.

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