Dust. And Sarah Salway

Sarah Salway, long time friend to the blog and top writer, has a new poetry collection out. It’s called YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SELF-HELP BOOK and it’s out now.

Philip Gross says of it: ‘Subtly angled glimpses of love, sex, marriage, which reveal them as they really are: matters of life and death. There’s a quiet sizzling underneath the surface of these poems, which can make you smile and wince at the same time.’

And Will Hermes says ‘Sexy and tragic – my favourite combination.’ 

Which is good, isn’t it?

And to celebrate, I’m thrilled to host Sarah reading ‘Dust’ from the collection. Here it is. Enjoy!

Sarah’s next stop will be here tomorrow. Do have a look.

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  1.  by  Sarah

    Thanks so much for having me, Nik! A virtual poetry reading is a lot more fun (and less frightening) than I could have imagined.

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