Drum Roll Please

For we have book!

And it looks stunning. These pictures really don’t do it justice.
I’m aiming to get those already paid for (thank you, speedy folks!) in the post tomorrow. And if anyone else would like to get their mits on one they can do so by clicking here.
(Lane, Tania, Sarah if you look hard enough you might just see The Cherry above!)

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  1.  by  Nik Perring

    Yes, well done everyone, Caroline – especially Katherine (who deserves special honours for putting up with me!). It really IS gorgeous. Whoop! And everyone who’s contributed has been just ace too!Lane that is the keyboard. That’s the bad boy. And yes, it is oh so very neat – but not as neat as the book! ;)Tania, that would be marvellous. 😉 Just drop me an email.Nik

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