This came in the post the other day. It is wonderful.

Click here for more info on McSWEENEY’S QUARTERLEY CONCERN.

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  1.  by  Aliya Whiteley

    I just love McSweeney’s. I was runner up in a competition they ran and got free books from their publishing side. My favourite was George Saunder’s fairy tale The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip. My Munchie really enjoys it.

  2.  by  Sara

    I’m a McSweeney’s fan, definitely. Such beautiful books, such imagination. I have this in staff reservations at work, and the previous issue. I had vowed to cut down though, as too often I buy them because they are pretty and don’t even read them. They are almost too gorgeous to open.

  3.  by  Sara

    I bought it today, but gave it to my husband to put away as a Christmas present so that I don’t feel guilty. Canny. huh?

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