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Had my internet not been dodgy this past few days, I would have posted another video of me reading a story from Not So Perfect. I actually recorded some of the stories last week (Shark Boy, In My Head I’m Venus, and The Mechanical Woman) with the intention of popping them here for National Storytelling Week, but alas it was not to be. Best laid plans and all that. Maybe they’ll feature in the future. If you’d like to see them, let me know.



And a couple of links. I had a nice mention by the fab Carys Bray here, and my name’s on Vanessa Gebbie’s list of “great writers of flash, some well known, others not, or not yet…”  – I’m not sure quite which category I fit into, but then again, fitting in’s never been something I’ve particularly excelled at.




In other news, last weekend the very lovely Caroline and I finished off what should be the final proofs of Freaks! – which means that our work (at this stage) on it is almost done and it’ll be ready, very soon, to go to the printers and become a proper grown-up book. Which is exciting. Exciting times ahead!

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  1.  by  Rachel J Fenton

    Best laid plans going awry can sometimes reveal paths we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    Congrats with the progress on “Freaks” – and your special mention in “some great writers of flash”.

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