Cool Things, Old Things

First up: I think I might buy this book on the strength of its cover. Utterly love it. And seeing it very briefly a few weeks ago (it’s taken two weeks of googling to find out I hadn’t dreamed it up) inspired a little story. But more on that another time. Gorgeous though, isn’t it?


I had two really nice blasts from the past yesterday. One was a phone call (thank you Mr P) and the other was bumping into someone I spent a fair amount of time with a few (seven or eight) years ago (hello, miss T). So, in the spirit of cool things from a while ago, and because Suede are re-forming briefly, here’s something I listened to a lot as a much younger man than I am today. I think they’ve definitely stood the test of time.

4 Comments on “Cool Things, Old Things

  1.  by  Nik Perring

    Yup – and for a good cause too.Eeh, those were the days, eh? You have no idea how much me and my friend wanted to be Brett and Bernard.You have impeccable taste btw.Nik

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    I first saw them in 96 just after Trash had been released and they were terrific. Second only to seeing Joe Strummer. Dog Man Star was the soundtrack to my, ahem, formative years. I remember saying to my friend on the way to Hanley Victoria Halls that there wouldn't be much to look forward to once we'd seen Brett and the boys doing their stuff. Ha! :)n x

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