Congrats to The Binnacle Winner

…the lovely, the talented, the great Tania Hershman (she blogs about it here).

Click to see the list full list of honorees (of which I’m one, along with some great writers and friends). Congrats everyone.

I’d also like to draw your attention to this – The fab Jane Smith over at How Publishing Really Works is having an anti-plagiarism day on Friday 17th July and wants you to be involved. So do it! Plagiarism’s about the nastiest thing we could come across in this industry and we should do all we can to banish it, and those who do it, for good and keep the writing community the happy, supportive and trustworthy place it normally is.

ADDED – I’m also having to take my own advice (and accept it, bit more difficult): a good idea doesn’t guarantee a good story. So if anyone wishes to write a story about someone smelling their long dead dog, go for it.

6 Comments on “Congrats to The Binnacle Winner

  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    Thanks to the lovely and talented Nik! A great list, honored to be in such company. And the Anti-Plaguarism Day is such a worthwhile thing, I shall be joining in – we should all know where the line is between being "inspired by" and actually ripping someone off. Umm, not sure about your story idea, sorry! All yours.

  2.  by  Jane Smith

    It's the fab Jane Smith here (I'm smirking so hard because of that my face might just fall off). Thank you, Nik, for plugging my anti-plagiarism day. I hope that a few writers join in as it is such a horrible thing to happen to us.And oh, Tania, I didn't know about your prize–congratulations, and thanks, Nik, for pointing me towards it like this. Tania, your stories are wonderful and you do deserve to win prizes: let's hope there are many more coming your way.

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks all.Jane, it's true, you are fab. And you're right, Tania's writing does deserve to win these things. Here's hoping LOTS of people take part in the anti-plagiarism day.Anne thanks – and congrats to you as well!Thanks Lane!Nik 🙂

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