First things first. Before things get self-indulgent.
Look what the postman brought me earlier…

Yep. A (signed!!!) copy of Girl Aloud by Emily Gale. Really looking forward to reading this. Oh yes. (And you can see me interviewing the delightful Emily here.)
And I think I’m going to write a list at some point, a list of things to do and to change over the course of 2010.
Things like getting out more, and doing more exercise will be on there, as will, perhaps, getting a life and worrying/complaining less.
And I’m thinking about maybe leaving an online writing community I’ve been a member of for a few years.
And on the subject of change…
after I had my hair cut last week I was very bold and I trimmed my beard very, very short. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to go the whole hog and actually shave but, I don’t know, I quite like being relatively un-bearded for the first time in three years.
Look: for the moment I’m not scruffy…

And finally, before I sign off get back to work, the latest edition of the wonderful Short Review’s just gone live. Do have a look.

10 Comments on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

  1.  by  Lane

    So that's what your face looks like!you look very swish and smart:-)I think I need to write a list too. It will be very long:-)

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    It is – scary innit!Thank you, you flatterer. Ooh good – someone else who'll be writing one. Hope it's not too long…

  3.  by  annie clarkson

    Cheeky voice, cheeky face… like the new almost shaved look. Would be interested to hear what the Emily Gale book is like… Will be writing my 2010 list soon… one of many. Am a bit of a list girl.

  4.  by  Samantha Tonge

    What's with all the sycophantic comments? Anyone would think we'd never seen a devilishly handsome face before…:):)I think,strangely enough, you look even more writerly. Some people just look writerly and you're one of them.

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