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I have been VERY busy of late (hence still being in my office at this time) and I meant to post this earlier. But, I’m here, and I’m posting it now (better late than never, and all that!). Mostly, because I think it’s really cool and it’s something I’m really looking forward to (and hoping to see you there too – so let me know if you fancy coming along…).

What is it, you ask? Well, why not let the very lovely, and ace, Clare tell you?

Over to said Clare!…

“On Thursday at 7.30pm, the Flash Mob Literary Salon pops up in Dulcimer bar as part of Chorlton Arts Festival. This spoken word event and glittering awards ceremony is the culmination of the flash fiction writing competition myself and four other writer types launched back in March.
The shindig will have it all. There will be readings by the 12 writers we shortlisted from a pretty much astounding 88 entries. There will be a guest slot by the lovely Nik Perring, who has invited me here today to give you the skinny on the whole shebang. There will be some brand-new creations from the five judges. There will also be surreal story-making, fabulous fun and even the promise of dancing girls. We don’t like to take things too seriously…
So who’s we? We are Sarah-Clare Conlon, Ian Carrington, David Hartley, Benjamin Judge and Tom Mason. We are short-short story writers who regularly read at literary get-togethers and open mic nights in Manchester. We’ve performed as part of Manchester Literature Festival and appeared as a pop-up literary salon at Manchester Twestival 2011. As well as working on stories and reading together, the Flash Mob writing collective members are partial to the odd pub quiz, and we’re collaborating with Bad Language to run a literary quiz for the Not Part Of fringe to Manchester International Festival in July.
The Flash Mob Writing Competition and Literary Salon is a first for Chorlton Arts Festival. We came up with the idea because we wanted to introduce a new kind of spoken word event to the 11-year-old festival – something that would be open to everyone and that would promote flash fiction writing, because that’s our shizzle. We set an upper limit of 500 words but no theme in order to encourage as much diversity as possible, and that we definitely got! The 12 shortlisted stories are all very different in style and content, and even length, so it promises to be a varied and entertaining soirée.
Proceedings will be broadcast live on Chorlton FM (87.7 FM across South Manchester and online), so even if you can’t come down in person, you have no excuse not to still listen in. The shortlist will also be published in an ebook available via our website once the winners have been announced. Enjoy!
Sarah-Clare Conlon

Flash Mob Literary Salon takes place on Thursday 26 May at 7.30pm, upstairs at Chorlton’s Dulcimer (free). See for more.”

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  1.  by  Caroline

    Sounds like an interesting night. If I overcome my fear of people, I might pop along 🙂 x

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