I had fun yesterday, handing out awards certificates, medals and bookmarks to (I think) around 90 children who’d completed the library Summer Reading Challenge of reading six books over the summer hols. It’s a fantastic scheme and a terrific achievement and I think a big hurrah should go to all who completed it, and also all who supported it; ie the library’s staff and the mums and dads who make it possible for their children to get to the library.

I was also lovely to meet the head of Cheshire Libraries who, even though she initially introduced me as Nick Griffin (hmm, leader of the BNP – NOT me then) was fab.

Well done all!

(And thanks to Karen and Glennis, who were also fab in their not-tangling medal ribbons roles.)


And, and, and – I was really chuffed to see Scott Pack mentioning one of Anne Brooke’s books on his blog.

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Sounds amazing – well done to all those children, and you too of course!Ooh and thanks for the mention – much appreciated.:))HugsAxxx

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